Our Gym

Welcome to Firehouse Fitness, the heart of fitness in Abilene, Texas, where history and health collide. Serving as Abilene’s premier fitness center, our locally owned establishment ensures a personalized touch and the freedom to cater to the unique fitness requirements of our community.

We're more than a gym, we're a transformative fitness community that caters to everyone - from the everyday fitness enthusiasts to bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen. Our comprehensive, top-tier equipment selection caters to diverse fitness goals, enabling our members to explore their strengths in a fun, dynamic, and most importantly, safe environment.

Nestled in the vibrant Old Elmwood neighborhood, our first gym, a transformed 1950's fire station, is an emblem of the spirit of rejuvenation. This building, once dormant for over a year, has been repurposed to ignite your fitness journey. The legacy of our unique gym isn’t just etched in its walls, but has been recognized in numerous online publications. We're proud to have been bestowed titles like 'Gym of the Month', 'One of the 12 Bucket List Gyms to Train At', and 'One of the Top Gyms in America'. We have even received global acclaim as one of the 'Top 10 Best Fitness Centers in the World'.

But, the true testament to our success is our vibrant community of members. At Firehouse Fitness, we foster an inviting atmosphere that prioritizes inclusivity and camaraderie. We take pride in fostering a space where every individual feels at home while pushing their fitness boundaries.

Firehouse Fitness isn't just about breaking a sweat; it's about breaking barriers. Join us today and become part of our thriving fitness community in Abilene, Texas

  • A greeting from the owners

    Let us begin this by saying thank you for taking the time to check out our gym. Our vision has been to build gyms that are welcoming and inspiring to people of all interests and walks of life. We love our members and hope that you will consider becoming one if you are not already.

    - Andi & Josh Rader

  • Robert Johnson

    Meet Robert Johnson, an ACU graduate and PhD candidate from Scotland, who has been with us since taking over Firehouse Fitness. Known for his love of golf and cheesy jokes, Robert brings both expertise and a bad sense of humor to our team.

  • Jasmine Rader

    Meet Jasmine Rader, a friendly face from Hamby, Texas, who has been with us for two years. If you have been to Firehouse recently you have met Dax, her son who she is bringing up in the gym culture, adding to the welcoming atmosphere at Firehouse Fitness.

  • Devon Azcuy

    Meet Devon, a military veteran who works with us on Saturdays. Known as the vending machine Don of Abilene and a huge wrestling fan, Devon brings dedication and a unique flair to our team.

  • Cameo Skinadore

    Meet Cameo, a dedicated team member from Idaho who has been with us for 4 years. A mom who loves horses, Cameo also contributes her expertise at Strength for Life, balancing her passion for fitness with family and equestrian interests.